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Welcome to the Jayhawk Battalion

Congratulations on choosing Army ROTC, we are happy to be a part of your path towards commissioning as an Officer in the United States Army. We invite you to attend our New Cadet Orientation (NCO) from 16-18 August, 2023.

Join New Cadet Orientation (NCO): A dynamic three-day training event to kickstart your ROTC journey. Held at KU's Military Science Building the week before the school year begins. Connect with ROTC Cadre and Cadet Leadership, undergo medical screening, set training goals, complete paperwork, and engage in physical training. Don't miss the Cadet Command Fitness Assessment (CCFA) for scholarship contracting. Participate in these exciting events and prepare for success in ROTC!

  • The Cadet Command Fitness Assessment (CCFA)
  • Information Briefings
  • In-Processing Packet review
  • Uniform Issue. Please fill out the Uniform Pre-Order prior to arriving, button below.
  • Medical screening provided by Watkins Health
  • Sports PT

Important: Medical Statement for ROTC (.pdf) must be completed by 16 August 2023. If unable to meet the deadline, a designated day for Cadet Physicals will be arranged. Visit Watkins Health at KU or consult your doctor. Ensure the form is signed and stamped by a Physician or PA for validity. Participation in Orientation and program activities requires this form.

RSVP: To join New Cadet Orientation, complete the New Cadet in-Processing Sheet and email it to Mr. Lawrence Jenkins following the provided instructions. Save time by scheduling summer appointments for early in-processing and paperwork submission before NCO.


NCO Schedule of Events 

16 August 2023- Military Science Building (MSB), 2nd Floor

0600: Arrival- Meeting outside the MSB (weather permitting)

0615-UTC: Formation / Daily Plan Brief / Roll Call

0630-UTC: 1st Platoon Supply Issue APFU+ and Cadet Pictures

0730-UTC: 2nd Platoon Supply Issue APFU+ and Cadet Pictures

0830-UTC: Medical Screenings by KSARNG MD volunteers or Watkins Health MD volunteers (DA 3425)

0900: Ice Breaker (all Cadets)

1000-1200: Battalion Briefs (Scholarships/Admissions, Human Resources, 104-Rs, Cadre intros, Cadet Chain of Command intros) {Parents and Friends welcome}

1200-1300: Lunch

1300-1500: In-Processing Time / Platoon Leadership Time

1530-UTC: BN Activation (uncasing colors) and Awards Ceremony (Parents and Friends Encouraged to attend)

TBD: Released for the day


17 August 2023- MSB

0600-0830: Arrival, accountability, PT Prep Drill Practice

0900-1200: Drill and Ceremony / Basic Skills Practice w/Platoons

1300: Released for the day


18 August 2023 (Parents and Friends Welcome)

0900: Arrive at Bloomington Swim Beach (click for location)

0915: Static Displays and introduction to Army vehicles

1015: Sports / volleyball / team-building exercises

1200: released for the day