Basic Camp flyer detailing requirements to attend.

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Basic Camp, CST 2021


Sophomores and graduating Seniors,

Are you looking for a career after graduation starting at $54k with health benefits and a pension?  An opportunity to become better?  Would you like to be a leader?  Well, we have an opportunity for you! 

Army ROTC is accepting students who want to attend a Basic Camp at Fort Knox, KY during the summer of 2023.  Basic Camp is NOT Boot Camp; it is a 31-day training event designed to introduce Cadets to the Army. 

Let’s talk financials!

If you decide to go to Basic Camp, complete it, and sign a contract with the Army ROTC to commission upon graduation, you can be financially rewarded a $5,000 bonus if you do not accept a scholarship.  If you would like to compete for a scholarship, we will help you, but you will be ineligible for the bonus money.

What does a Scholarship Cover?

ROTC scholarships will cover 100% Tuition and Fees OR up to $12k/year for Room and Board.  You will receive a $1,200/year book stipend, and a tax-free living stipend of $420/month for 10 months of the year.

What are the Requirements?

1.            Have two years remaining before graduation- Starting as a Junior in Fall 2024 or a Graduate Student in Fall 2024

2.            Be a US Citizen between the ages of 17-26

3.            Have at least a 2.5 College GPA

4.            Complete a Department of Defense Physical (DODMERB)

5.            Meet the Army’s physical fitness standards

6.            Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or a Reserve Component upon completing degree requirements.

What is Basic Camp?  Basic Camp is a 31-day training event designed to introduce Cadets to the Army. The objective is to develop Cadet leadership skills and train them on individual and junior leader tasks to develop and reinforce Warrior Ethos and our Army Values. Basic Camp provides the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in ROTC, and, ultimately, the Army. Basic Camp Cadets graduate the course prepared to lead at the team (3-4 Cadets) and squad (9-13 Cadets) level.

Basic Camp's primary target audience is the Lateral Entry Cadet and the freshman Cadet. Lateral Entry Cadets typically decide to join ROTC in their sophomore year of college, thus require Basic Camp to learn what normal-progression Cadets have learned in their first two years of military science classes, during their freshman and sophomore years of Army ROTC. As an ancillary target, Basic Camp allows second-year (Military Science II or MS II) Cadets to gain squad leader experience, which provides opportunities for some MS III (rising senior) Cadets to fulfill roles as platoon-level leaders. Basic Camp consists of eight Cadet Regiments, nearly 3,000 Cadets.

Cadets are taught how to conduct troop leading procedures (TLPs) to plan and execute tactical missions at the squad level in a platoon construct/setting. As Cadets gain experience and confidence through the training, they apply lessons learned from the After Action Review (AAR) process.

Outcomes for Basic Camp Include:

  • Using troop leading procedures to plan and execute tactical missions at the squad level within a platoon construct.
  • Applying the fundamentals of team development and team dynamics.
  • Understanding, embracing, and demonstrating Warrior Ethos and the Army Values

To learn more about the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, click here.


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First Regiment: 28 JUN 24 - 27 JUL 24
2nd Regiment: 13 JUL 24 - 11 AUG 24

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