Experience Life as a Cadet!

Cadets and students are being taught Terrain association and map reading during leadership lab

Hands-on Learning: Students and Cadets collaborate during terrain association training, honing their skills for successful land navigation. Together, they navigate challenges, analyze maps, and develop critical decision-making abilities.

a Cadet and a Student pulling weights backward during the Sled, Drag, Carry event for the Army Combat fitness test.

Unleashing Strength: Cadets and Students tackle the Sled, Drag, Carry event, part of the Army Combat Fitness Test. This dynamic exercise builds endurance, resilience, and teamwork. Experience the rigorous ROTC training firsthand during Cadet for a Day.

a Cadet pointing to a Sand Table depicting a map that they built during class, discussing an operations order.  In the picture, you can see the Cadet for a Day students

Strategic Discussions: Cadets and Cadet for a Day students engage in tactical planning as they analyze an operations order on a Sand Table. Immersed in the learning process, they gain valuable insights into military strategy and decision-making.

Cadet For A Day: Step into the Life of an Army ROTC Cadet!

Join us at Jayhawk Battalion (University of Kansas, Baker University, University of Saint Mary, Washburn University, Haskell Indian Nations University) for an immersive experience, allowing high school Juniors and Seniors (16 years old and older) to spend a day as a Cadet.

Discover Army ROTC, meet fellow Cadets, and witness the principles of scholar/athlete/leader in action. If you have ever considered Army ROTC or are wondering about how you will pay for your college education, this program is for you.

The Cadet For A Day program offers so much more than any other campus tour because you will actually go with your assigned Cadet everywhere he or she goes. We will match you with one of our current Cadets who has a major you are interested in. Your mentor will be there to talk to you one-on-one about what the Army ROTC program is really like!

Option 1:  Arrive on Wednesday at 1 pm with parents, meet your Cadet Sponsor (similar major if possible), Cadet mentors, learn about ROTC and scholarships from the Recruiting Operations Officer, a campus tour, and stay overnight in your Cadet Sponsor's dorm room. On Thursday, attend classes, and participate in the Leadership Lab and Class. Cadet for a Day concludes around 7:30 pm.

Option 2: Arrive on Thursday at 1pm meet your Cadet Sponsor (similar major if possible), Cadet mentors, learn about ROTC and scholarships from the Recruiting Operations Officer, a campus tour, and join the Leadership Lab and Class in the evening. Cadet for a Day concludes around 7:30 pm.

Limited to 15 slots open event (first come, first serve).

To participate, complete and return the forms (even if you are 18 years old).  Scan and send the forms to lawrence.v.jenkins@ku.edu.  Additional information will be provided to the first 15 students securing a spot.  Pay attention to due dates for effective planning and meeting our deadlines.  Don't miss this opportunity to experience life as a Cadet for a Day!

2024 Fall Semester Event: 

12 September 24- Leadership Lab- PMI / Weapons - CLOSED


Required Forms:

Army Waiver (.pdf)

Registration Form (.pdf)

KU Student Housing Handbook will give you the guidance on what is and is not acceptable while spending the night in the dorms.

Recruiting Operations Officer