Enrollment Forms

Enrollment Forms

ROTC classes are a lot of fun...however, there is some paperwork before you get started. Some of these forms can be filled out on-line and some you will need to print off and fill out by hand. 

New Cadet Orientation and In-Processing Documents

  1. New ROTC Cadet In-Processing Sheet, Fill out this out and email it back to Mr. Jenkins at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. (.xls)  Use these Notes to guide you on how to fill out the In-Processing sheet. (.pdf)
  2. Civil Conviction Screening, Fill out this out and bring it with you to your in-processing appointment. (.pdf)
  3. ROTC Medical Screening, Fill this out and bring it with you to your in-processing appointment. (.pdf)  
  4. Physical Training Form, Take this form to your doctor and ask them to perform a sports physical.  The form must state that you are physically able to perform the physical activity of ROTC, and it MUST be stamped and signed by your physician.  Scan and email it back to Mr. Jenkins or bring this with you to your in-processing appointment.  (.pdf)  **Watkins Health on the KU Campus can complete this requirement for you.  Visit Watkins Heath for more information.

If you are a Scholarship Recipient, you will need these additional Documents.

  1. DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data.  Must be typed, except your signature in block #15.  Do not put a social security number on the document for New Cadet Orientation.  Do not fill in block #16.  Cadre will do that on campus.  The only hand-written things will be: your signature and your SSN (done on campus). (.pdf)
  2. State of Legal Residence Certificate 
  3. SF 1199: Direct Deposit Sign-Up- We will need a voided check to the account you want your money deposited.
  4. W-4: Federal Income Tax Withholding Form 
  5. DD Form 2058: State of Legal Residence
  6. SGLV 8286: Serviceman's Group Life Insurance: If you are in the Guard or the Reserves bring us the copy you have on record with your unit.

*** Send kuarmyrotc@ku.edu an email to request these forms if the links do no work for you.***

Bring These Documents With You to Your Appointments

  • Original Birth Certificate (It will be copied and returned to you.)
  • Original Social Security Card (It will be copied and returned to you.)
  • Copy of your high school diploma
  • Copy of high school transcripts
  • Copy of all college transcripts
  • Proof of ACT/SAT scores
  • Shot records with proof of MMR and Varicella vaccination (Chicken Pox) or proof that you had chicken pox from your doctor. This can be obtained with a simple blood draw. ***COVID-19 Vaccine will need to be documented prior to contracting***

Fill These Out Once You Arrive

  • CC 104-R: Planned Academic Program Worksheet (.pdf)

    • This document must be completed and agreed upon by the Cadet, Academic Advisor, and the Professor of Military Science before Scholarships can start.  **Updated/Approved Every School Year**

    • Utilize this Tutorial to fill out the 104-R.  Tutorial (.pdf)

Meet with our Scholarship and Admissions Officer

Before committing to join the Jayhawk Battalion, you and your family may have further questions, schedule some time to get those questions answered. Our Scholarship and Admissions officer Mr. Jenkins looks forward to meeting you.