JAG and Law School

ROTC Educational Delay Program

The Educational Delay (Ed Delay) program is designed to produce Active Duty Judge Advocates from current ROTC cadets.  The program allows senior year cadets (MS IV) to apply for a commissioning delay in order to attend law school. 

Cadets granted an Ed Delay are commissioned after graduation and placed in IRR during the duration of law school.  Participation in Ed Delay does not guarantee that the cadet will be selected for the JAG Corps, but it does greatly increase the chances of selection.

Applications Requirements

  • LSAT score
  • Law school admission letters (if available)
  • Official transcript(s) with registrar's seal
  • One page essay entitled "Why I Want to Be a Judge Advocate"
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Accessions Management Sheet
  • Resume or other documents that enhance the Cadet's application
  • Updated application requirements and routing information is available in USACC Circular 601-22-1


Cadets who attend Advanced Camp after their MS III year will apply for Ed Delay during their MS IV year.  End of camp commissionees may request to be considered for Ed Delay, and will be considered at the board immediately following commissioning.  Current Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty and Green to Gold Active Duty Obligors are not eligible for Ed Delay.


Cadets should visit the Law School Admission Council website for more information on LSAT dates and registration deadlines.  Cadets should be mindful that LSAT results must be submitted to Cadet Command prior to the Ed Delay board.  The selection board will take place after Active Duty/Reserve Forces Duty selection is complete, but prior to Active Duty branching.  Results are typically released in November. 

Additional Information

Cadets interested in Ed Delay must request and be selected for Active Duty.  To qualify for Ed Delay, cadets must attend a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. 

Selection for the JAG Corps

Cadets selected to attend law school must compete for selection into the JAG Corps during their third year (3L) of law school.  The JAG Corps selects candidates based on the "whole person concept," so success and involvement in law school is important.  Ed Delay students who are not selected for the JAG Corps during their 3L year are accessed onto Active Duty in a branch assigned based on the needs of the Army.  These officers are permitted to reapply for the JAG Corps the following year.

Points of Contact

Cadet Command handles all matters related to Ed Delay.  Cadets should work through their PMS to put together the application packet for submission to Cadet Command.  General JAG Corps questions may be directed to JARO.

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