campus-based scholarship board information

The time to start applying for Fall's Scholarship Board is Now!

Apply now for Jayhawk Battalion's Fall Scholarship Board! Submit your packet by 04 AUG 23. Please follow the instructions below.

How to Apply for the Scholarship over the summer:

1. Go to the Enrollment Documents page and follow Steps 1-4.  Enrollment Documents Link

- These enrollment forms will allow the ROTC to get you set up for your DODMERB/DODMETS physical.

2. Sign Up for New Cadet Orientation.  NCO Link

3. Coordinate with Mr. Jenkins to schedule and perform your Physical Fitness Test. Once completed, submit the results to Mr. Jenkins.   Fitness Test Document

4. Submit your High School/College Transcripts to Mr. Jenkins. **

5. Fill out your 104-R and get it signed.** The 104-R can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Persinger at

- This is a time consuming step and takes coordination between the student, Mrs. Persinger, your academic advisor, and the Professor of Military Science.

6. Fill out and submit the Cadet Board Worksheet to Mr. Jenkins.**  CBW Link

** If you are a returning Jayhawk Battalion Cadet and want to compete, I just need numbers 4 (college transcript showing Spring '23 grades), 5 (showing Spring '23 grades), and 6 returned to me.

Since this board is before the start of the term, this will be a "paper board" and not an in-person board.  Please have all documents submitted by 04 AUG 23.  The board will commence on 07 AUG 23, packets not received by 04 AUG will not be reviewed for this board.

Mr. Jenkins' can be emailed at