Campus-Based Scholarships

"All In"

There are scholarships available for students on campus. These scholarships are very competitive. There is no formal application process prior to enrolling in ROTC. Below is what must happen for you to compete for an "on-campus" scholarship:

  1. Enroll in Army ROTC, Army 101 Freshman Fall, Army 102 Freshman Spring, Army 201 Sophomore Fall, Army 202 Sophomore Spring.
  2. Stop in and visit our Scholarship and Admissions Officer for more information and then our Program Administrator to begin the enrollment paperwork. 
  3. Bring an original birth certificate and your original Social Security Card to the Army ROTC office (you will get these back).
  4. Complete an accurate CC Form 104-R, this is your schedule of classes required from the day you register in ROTC until you graduate. It is completed with you and your Academic Advisor and then reviewed by ROTC Cadre.

Campus-based scholarships are very limited. All Cadets enrolled in ROTC who expresses a desire to obtain a commission will be placed on an Order of Merit List (OML). As scholarship opportunities are made available to us we make offers to the number one Cadet on the OML. If you are awarded a campus-based scholarship these are the benefits you may expect.

  • Tuition and all required fees
  • $1200 per year for books (paid in $600 installations per semester)
  • A monthly tax-free stipend of $420 for freshman through seniors

How do I Qualify for an Army ROTC Scholarship?

ROTC is interested in students with Scholar, Athlete, and Leader attributes or "SAL's". What is the criteria to be considered a SAL? 


We want scholars to ensure that cadets can remain academically aligned and attain his/her required degree. The ability to achieve high academic standards demonstrates aptitude, discipline, dedication, and personal pride. These scholars from all fields and academic disciplines will bring to the Army the benefits of officers with the ability to adapt to diverse situations and lead us into the future. 

Examples: Valedictorian/Salutatorian; Membership in National Honor Society; Honors or Advanced Placement Program graduate; GPA over 3.0.


We want athletes to ensure that cadets can meet the physical fitness and mental toughness required of an Army Officer. Physical Fitness expresses self-discipline, teamwork, and exemplary leadership. Athletes possess the desire to compete demonstrate aptitude, endurance, self-sacrifice, and the warrior spirit. Athletic competition is a key indicator. Athletes project mental toughness and a healthy appearance in addition to demonstrating a high level of fitness. High school, collegiate, intramural, and city teams, and high adventure sporting activities help define and develop an athlete. 

Examples: Varsity Letter from HS team; Member of regional/city/competitive league; Either active involvement in organized competitive team sports or active involvement in individual athletic competitions (triathlon, mountain biking, running, martial arts, etc.).


We want cadets with leadership experience to ensure they have the foundation to lead others. We offer the best leadership development program in the world. The desire to lead, to influence and persuade others to achieve results, is key to an Army Officer’s success. Those who have actively sought and fulfilled their responsibilities to lead, manage, or supervise in any organization, to include outside employment, are viable prospects. Those who actively seek out leadership roles demonstrate aptitude for leader development, selfless service, and strong success orientation.

Examples: Elected member of student government, class, or activity; Captain of athletic or academic team; Eagle Scout/Gold Star.

SAL criteria listed above are not required but preferred according Cadet Command Pamphlet 145-1.

**You must be medically qualified, have high morals, and high ethical standards. Call the ROTC office at 785-864-1113 or email to start your future.

***If you are attending a Junior College, you are not eligible for a ROTC Scholarship until you are enrolled in and attending a Four-Year College/University.

Recruiting Operations Officer