Calvin Taetzsch

LTC Taetzsch sitting in his service dress uniform in front of the American Flag
  • Lieutenant Colonel, USA
  • Professor of Military Science
  • MSIV Instructor

Contact Info

Military Science Building, Room 207B
1520 Summerfield Hall Dr
Lawrence, KS 66045


As a high school senior in upstate New York I applied for an ROTC scholarship as primarily a means to pay for college. However, my interest in the Army profession grew each year throughout my college ROTC experience, and some of my best friends today were fellow cadets I grew up with in ROTC. In 2005, I commissioned as an infantry officer branch-detailed military intelligence. As a young officer I never thought I would be serving as long as I have, but I've had the privilege to be stationed in lots of outstanding locations (Hawaii and Germany are among my favorite) and have enjoyed working and learning from some truly amazing leaders throughout my time in the Army.