Jayhawk competitions over Winter Break


Jayhawks Across America 2 (Winter's Revenge)13Dec-23Jan

How miles are counted:

Run, ruck, and walk are counted as 1:1, each mile completed equals to one mile towards the goal Bike miles are 3:1, every 3 miles bike equals to one mile towards the challenge Swim 1:4, every miles swam is four miles towards the goal Row 5:4, every 5 miles rowed equals to 4 miles towards the challenge (miles rowed multiplied by .8)

Week to week challenges includes: best squad, best platoon, most individual miles, best MS class, best average miles between cadre and cadets, most creative route (GPS drawing), and total miles cadre plus alums versus all cadets.

Must post miles with either GPS map or data to the University of Kansas Army ROTC Facebook site. Hashtags: #JayhawkROTC, #covidcollegelife, #Jayhawks.

All are welcome to participate.

Update your miles Here


Lift to the Moon - and Back13Dec-23Jan

The distance to the moon (at apogee) and back to earth is 768,800 km. In this individual challenge, each pound lifted counts towards your overall goal of either 384,400 lbs (to the moon) or 768,800 lbs (to the moon and back).

Example: On National Chest/Tri’s Day (aka Monday), I bench 30 x reps @ 145 lbs, 10 x reps @ 185lbs, 30 x reps @ 100lbs, do 30 x dips (I weigh 170lbs), and 100 x hand release pushups. *NOTE: in a regular push-up, you lift about 64 percent of your body weight.


Flat bench: 30 reps x 145 lbs = 4,350 lbs

Flat bench: 10 reps x 185 lbs = 1,850 lbs

Incline bench: 30 reps x 100 lbs = 3,000 lbs

Dips: 30 reps x 170 lbs = 5,100 lbs

Pushups: 100 reps x 170(.64) lbs = 10,880 lbs

All added together, that is 25,180 lbs which translates to 25,180 km or 3% of the way to the moon!

Coordinating Instructions:

This is an individual competition and you are on your honor for inputting your data onto the spreadsheet distributed in the GroupMe. Enter your name into the left-hand column of the spreadsheet and enter your daily totals under the corresponding dates. Challenge starts on 13 DEC and ends on 23 JAN for a total of 42 days to get swoll up big style. Moonwalkers who make it back to earth from each class will be recognized during lab and prizes will be given to the top male and top female finishers.

Helpful Apps:

You can always calculate total weight lifted with a pencil and paper, but there are a number of apps that will make it easier to track like:

-Strong Workout Tracker
-Fitlist – Gym Workout Log
-Fitbod Workout & Fitness

SFC Wolford recommends the first one b/c the free version is pretty capable. I plan on using excel. Because I’m old and I don’t understand apps. Just enter your total for the day in the online spreadsheet HERE.

-LTC Finch

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